Meet The Maker & Designer

Image of the designer and maker Amanda Green with her dog.  



Meet Amanda Green, a designer and skilled jewellery maker with a passion for creativity and craftsmanship. Originally from the UK, she found her artistic haven in Squamish, BC. Amanda's journey began with a Bachelor of Arts in Knitwear Design, followed by 15 years in the fashion industry.

A conscious shift towards jewellery making marked a turning point, emphasizing her commitment to creativity and rejecting corporate constraints. Amanda specializes in crafting jewellery that embodies modernism, quality, and craftsmanship.

With over 12 years of artistic exploration, Amanda's collection of sculptural jewellery is inspired by the untamed beauty of British Columbian landscapes - each piece a wearable expression of meaning and beauty.

Central to Amanda’s philosophy is a dedication to quality, meaningful craftsmanship over
mass production. Creative freedom allows her to weave deep narratives through every piece.

Beyond the studio, Amanda embraces mountain adventures with her partner Thomas, enjoying skiing, biking, and forest strolls with her fur child, Rucca. In the studio, she prioritizes sustainability, using recycled metals and maintaining an eco-friendly, chemical-free space. Welcome to Amanda's world, where creativity meets consciousness.