Jewelry Maintenance

Application of Beauty Products:
- Apply perfume, hairspray, or deodorant before putting on your jewelry to prevent chemical reactions.

Removal During Activities:
- Remove jewelry before swimming or engaging in household chores involving abrasive cleaners or chemicals.

Cleaning Guidelines:
- Avoid abrasive cleaning products and proprietary jewelry cleaners.
- Clean with mild soapy water to prevent damage.
- For deeper cleaning, contact AJG for repair services or use professional ultrasonic cleaning equipment (except for oxidized silver).

Metal-Specific Care:
- Gold requires minimal maintenance.
- Use an ultrasonic cleaner for deep cleaning.
- Consider the carat of gold based on lifestyle: 24k is soft, 18k is durable, and 14k is recommended for active lifestyles.

Silver & Sterling Silver:
- Sterling silver will tarnish over time.
- Store in an airtight bag away from sunlight when not in use.
-You can polish with a commercial silver cleaner, but Amanda prefers the DIY method, which lasts longer and is kind to the environment. It involves using baking soda, hot water, and tin foil (preferably the latter).
Lay silver foil shiny side up and place a teaspoon or more, depending on the amount of jewellery you clean of backing soda. Then, could you lay the jewellery into the bowl and pour hot water? Let the water cool, take the jewellery out, rinse with cool water and part dry. 
Please note that you should not do this with jewellery that has stones in it. Some stones are very sensitive to heat, and you can crack them. Instead, use a soft brush, toothpaste, and cool water.

Oxidized Sterling Silver:
- Oxidized silver has a matte black surface that evolves over time.
- Clean with a soft sponge or cotton ball and methylated spirit.
- Do not use abrasive surfaces or solvents.

Stone Care:
- Research proper care for specific stones in jewelry with stones.
- Contact Amanda for instructions on caring for pieces with stones.

Natural Wear and Tear:
- Note that color changes on metal surfaces over time are considered part of natural wear and tear and are not manufacturing faults.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure the longevity and beauty of Amanda Green's handcrafted jewelry pieces. If in doubt, contacting AJG for professional cleaning and repair services is recommended.