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The Sarsen Pendant is a refined wearable masterpiece inspired by the revered myological stones of England. These stones, long considered guardians of natural energy, are believed to channel and enhance the Earth's vital forces. The pendant showcases a stone-like texture reminiscent of the rock formation, symbolizing grounding and stability. Its meticulously sculpted form embodies enduring strength and permanence.

Wearing this pendant invites us to embrace the subtle natural energies surrounding us, offering a timeless and meaningful connection to nature. It is a unique and understated statement piece, carrying the spirit of ancient stones with grace and sophistication.


  • Sterling silver.
  • Option for gold 10k,14k 18k yellow, white, red & rosa gold, please contact for pricing and availability.  


  •  Pendant: 1.8 x 1cmcm.
  • 16" to 18" Adjustable rolo chain.
  • Please note that all dimensions may be slightly different from what is stated, as each piece is handcrafted.

Made to order in approximately 1-2 weeks.

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